Top View of a Couple Kayaking in a Lake Doing a C stroke

Kayaking C-Stroke Techniques

Ethan Thompson

Master the C-Stroke kayaking technique. Learn proper paddle positioning and execution to improve your kayaking skills and efficiency.

three kayaks near a shore

Essential Tips to Buy a Used Kayak

Dylan Perkins

Learn key things to consider when buying a used kayak, from choosing the right type to spotting potential damage

kayak paddle green blade

The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Paddles: Choosing the Perfect one

Dylan Perkins

Learn how to choose the perfect kayak paddle. Learn about shaft types, blade designs, materials and size to enhance your paddling experience


How to Choose the Right Paddle for Kayaking: Guide for 2024

Dylan Perkins

Discover tips for choosing the right paddle for kayaking to enhance your experience. Find the perfect length, material, and blade shape for you.

woman on a kayak on a lake

Expert Advice on Picking the Best Kayak for 2024

Dylan Perkins

Discover expert tips on choosing the right kayak for 2024 adventures. Get insights on top rated, affordable, and beginner-friendly models to paddle with ease.

Best recreational kayaks

Top 10 Best Recreational Kayaks for Beginners and Enthusiasts in 2024

Ethan Thompson

Discover the best recreational kayaks for seamless adventures on the water. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned paddlers in 2024. Dive in now!

kayaking in the wind

Kayaking in the Wind: Mastering Control Without Rudders

Ethan Thompson

Master kayaking in the wind without rudders. Learn essential turning techniques for efficiency and mindful connection to nature's forces

how much is a kayak

Kayak Pricing Guide: How Much Is a Kayak?

Dylan Perkins

Explore the cost of kayaks with our guide to help you find the best deals and top brands, ensuring you get the most value for your adventure.

what to wear kayaking

What to Wear Kayaking – The Ultimate Guide

Ethan Thompson

Wondering what to wear kayaking? Our comprehensive guide covers everything from warm weather kayaking attire to cold water kayaking gear

kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing Ultimate Guide

Ethan Thompson

Explore this guide on kayak fishing for beginners in 2024. Learn how to start, what gear to use, and tips for choosing your first kayak

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